Mark your calendars for 2016: September 11 - 16.

Historic Oxford Unique Curriculum Expert Speakers

The XML Summer School is a unique event for everyone using, designing or implementing solutions using XML and related technologies. The philosophy guiding the school is to help delegates learn at the boundary of proven technology; teaching proven techniques guarantees that delegates can use what they learn when they go back to the office.

From beginners to experts, everyone finds something to challenge them at the XML Summer School. The innovative curriculum combines formal lectures, practical hands-on exercises, interactive tutorials and panel discussions. For the beginners, we recommend the hands-on introduction to XML, which takes you from the definition of well-formed to writing your own XSLT and schemas. For the experts, we offer in-depth presentations and discussions with the luminaries of the XML world. Our speakers are some of the world's most renowned XML practitioners and teachers, who enrich the learning experience with their enthusiasm and expert knowledge, and are always on hand to make sure that delegates receive the very best XML training available.

If you need to learn all there is to know about XML and related technologies, then the XML Summer School is the place for you. We recommend you watch the video of the Summer School (8 minutes 4 seconds) made by Faculty Board member Bob DuCh­arme. Please contact us if you need any more information or have questions.

The XML Summer School Flickr group has several photos of the college as well as sessions and events. Or you can search for the hashtags we've used in the past (#xmlss14,#xmlss13, #xmlss12, #xmlss11, #xmlss10, or #xmlss09.

And to give you a sense of the evening entertainment, here are videos of the ever-popular punting, made by Simon Phipps: video 1, 40 seconds; video 2, 1 minute 23 seconds.