Mark your cal­en­dars for 2016: Septem­ber 11 — 16.

Historic Oxford Unique Curriculum Expert Speakers

The XML Sum­mer School is a unique event for every­one using, design­ing or imple­ment­ing solu­tions using XML and related tech­no­lo­gies. The philo­sophy guid­ing the school is to help del­eg­ates learn at the bound­ary of proven tech­no­logy; teach­ing proven tech­niques guar­an­tees that del­eg­ates can use what they learn when they go back to the office.

From begin­ners to experts, every­one finds some­thing to chal­lenge them at the XML Sum­mer School. The innov­at­ive cur­riculum com­bines formal lec­tures, prac­tical hands-on exer­cises, inter­act­ive tutori­als and panel dis­cus­sions. For the begin­ners, we recom­mend the hands-on intro­duc­tion to XML, which takes you from the defin­i­tion of well-formed to writ­ing your own XSLT and schemas. For the experts, we offer in-depth present­a­tions and dis­cus­sions with the luminar­ies of the XML world. Our speak­ers are some of the world’s most renowned XML prac­ti­tion­ers and teach­ers, who enrich the learn­ing exper­i­ence with their enthu­si­asm and expert know­ledge, and are always on hand to make sure that del­eg­ates receive the very best XML train­ing available.

If you need to learn all there is to know about XML and related tech­no­lo­gies, then the XML Sum­mer School is the place for you. We recom­mend you watch the video of the Sum­mer School (8 minutes 4 seconds) made by Fac­ulty Board mem­ber Bob DuCh­arme. Please con­tact us if you need any more inform­a­tion or have questions.

The XML Sum­mer School Flickr group has sev­eral pho­tos of the col­lege as well as ses­sions and events. Or you can search for the hasht­ags we’ve used in the past (#xmlss14,#xmlss13, #xmlss12, #xmlss11, #xmlss10, or #xmlss09.

And to give you a sense of the even­ing enter­tain­ment, here are videos of the ever-popular punt­ing, made by Simon Phipps: video 1, 40 seconds; video 2, 1 minute 23 seconds.