Hands-on Introduction



The Hands-on Intro­duc­tion to XML is designed to intro­duce you to the many and var­ied aspects of XML design, pro­cessing and deliv­ery through prac­tical, hands-on classes where you will cre­ate your own XML documents.

You will learn how to cre­ate data struc­tures using an XML editor, cre­ate an XML schema model and parse/validate the doc­u­ment struc­ture. You will also have the oppor­tun­ity to gain an under­stand­ing of the latest XML tools and tech­no­lo­gies in the mar­ket­place, so that you can develop and imple­ment your own XML solutions.

The three day course is based around the ‘real life’ scen­ario of Erasmus Swift, a new age philo­sopher who decides to build a web site using XML tech­no­logy. It is designed to be prac­tical, inform­at­ive, and fun!

On this course you will learn about

  • Con­tent marked up in XML
  • Val­id­a­tion using XML schemas
  • Trans­form­a­tion with XSLT
  • XML tools for edit­ing and transformation
  • Search with XPath and XQuery
  • Pagin­ated out­put with XSL-FO
  • Trans­fer­ring struc­tured data between applications
  • Meta data and know­ledge in XML – the Semantic Web

All the soft­ware and exer­cise mater­ial used on the course is avail­able for you to take away and try out in your own time, once the Sum­mer School is over.

This course is taught by Prof. John Chel­som, Debbie Lapeyre, Adam Ret­ter, and Gary Cor­nelius.