Hands-on introduction to XML 2018



The Hands-on Introduction to XML is designed to introduce you to the many and varied aspects of XML design, processing and delivery through practical, handson classes where you will create your own XML documents.

You will learn how to create data structures using an XML editor, create an XML schema model and parse/validate the document structure. You will also have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the latest XML tools and technologies in the marketplace, so that you can develop and implement your own XML solutions.

The three day course is based around the 'real life' scenario of Erasmus Swift, a new age philosopher who decides to build a website using XML technology. It is designed to be practical, informative, and fun!

On this course you will learn about

  • Content marked up in XML
  • Validation using XML schemas
  • Transformation with XSLT
  • XML tools for editing and transformation
  • Search with XPath and XQuery
  • Paginated output with XSLFO
  • Transferring structured data between applications
  • Meta-data and knowledge in XML - the Semantic Web

All the software and exercise material used on the course is available for you to take away and try out in your own time, once the Summer School is over.

If you have some experience in XML, but are still looking for a hands-on course, you should consider the Hands-on Digital Publishing course, which was designed to build on the knowledge gained in this introductory course.

This course is chaired by John Chelsom and taught by Debbie Lapeyre and John Chelsom.

Classes for 2018

The Hands-On Introduction to XML course runs on , , and .