Hands-on Digital Publishing 2017



Do you have some Word, ODF, or XML documents, maybe with some images or videos, that you want to publish to the web or publish as an epub? This course will show you how to do precisely that - make a good-looking website or epub from your documents. This is a hands-on course that complements the Publishing With XML course, and follows on from the Hands-on Introduction to XML course.

We'll use XSLT 2 to transform sample files into HTML5, style the pages to look good using some of the new features available in CSS, and (if time permits) add some simple interactivity using JavaScript. We'll show you how to make your website respond well to different screen sizes and devices, and how to create a simple epub from the HTML and CSS. We'll use Ruby as a scripting language to pull all the pieces together. We will supply computers with the software installed, and you can take the code you develop home with you.

Prerequisites: You should know at least as much XSLT as is taught in the Hands-on Introduction to XML, but advanced XSLT knowledge is not necessary. You should also know as much CSS as is taught in the Hands-On Introduction. We do not expect you to know JavaScript or Ruby. Experience in Perl, Python, Ruby, or some other scripting language is an advantage, but not required. We'll teach you enough to give you a good introduction to how powerful even a small amount of scripting can be.

This course is chaired by Lauren Wood and taught by Norm Walsh and Peter Flynn.

Classes for 2017

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